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What About Me

Some thoughts

Publié le 16 Février 2016 par Martin Eou in thoughts, life, me

What kind of person do you think i am?

I am a guy that loves experiencing different stuff. I love new things, i love trying weird stuff that no one else wants.

What are my goals in life?

For now, i want to work on this project i am on. But in life, to start a family, have kids and try to share as much experience i have with them.

What do i enjoy the most?

I love walking, i can walk for hours. It does not matter if i walk in city or in the wilderness, i just love walking.

What about camping?

I camped probably more times then i can remember. When i was young, my dad took me and my sister on a lake few times a year, it was amazing.

Share the best experience.

The best summer was when my dad helped us make a party. He had a big old propane generator, and we invite the whole camp to a party. There was music, food, beer and it was one of the best experiences ever.

What do i love the most?

My parents. I know, i am old enough to have my own family, but my parents were always there for me. It is just an amazing thing. My teenage years were full of fails, and after i turned 21 and almost ended up in jail, my life took a big turn. No one was there except my parents, they were supportive all the time.

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